Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Frazier Park Food Bank Assistance

Here is the list of needed items for the Frazier Park Food Bank.  Any help is greatly appreciated and I will be in the Thousand Oaks area if you would like me to stop and pickup the food on the weekends.  I know toothbrushes and toothpaste is a big thing on the list... Donations are needed by October 14th, after that I will start collecting items for MANA in Thousand Oaks.

Your help is greatly appreciated as it gets closer and closer to the holiday season.  Thank you!


Canned meats – Tuna, chicken, spam etc.

Pasta - Spaghetti, Alfredo type sauces (jars or cans)
Boxed Cereal
Dried  and canned soups
Non fat dry milk
Canned milk
Canned fruit
Canned vegetables (we have plenty of green beans)
Dried beans
Prepared box meals (Kraft mac & cheese etc)
Cranberry Sauce
Dried mash potatoes
Kid’s snacks (Individually packaged)
Oat Meal
Peanut Butter
Maple Syrup
Pancake Mix
Complete mixes (brownies, cakes etc.)
Cooking Oil
Flour -  Sugar


Tooth Paste and tooth brushes
Dish Soap
Body soap
Laundry soap
Diapers & wipes
Toilet Paper

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