Monday, August 17, 2009

Control a Windows Mobile Device on your PC MyMobiler

Often I am asked how to connect and view a Windows Mobile based device on your PC. I have discovered an easy to install solution called MyMobileR. This easy to use program allows you to view your Windows Mobile Phone on your PC and even control the phone from your PC.

When I was running my Samsung i760 Windows Mobile 6.0 cell phone one of the things that bothered me was texting and using the phone when it was connected via ActiveSync. The flip up keyboard and plug always seemed to be inconvenient. I started searching through Google and finally ran across a program that seemed to perform as desired. Really all you need to do is cruise your favorite web browser (I recommend Firefox ) to the MyMobileR Website and download the program. Most users will just want to download the PC installer. From there you just install the program, connect yout Windows Mobile Device and you are good to go.

From there it just gets better. You can actually use your keyboard and mouse to control the phone. You can do things like text message and email through your PC; for me that was the greatest thing for that phone.

If you have a WIndows based mobile device I recommend checking this out. Just so you know, I am in no way affiliated with MyMobileR nor am i receiveing any compensation for recommending this program. As I find solutions to computing problems I will update it here.


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