Monday, August 3, 2009

Useful iPhone Apps

With Apple approving applications for the iTunes store at an alarming rate who can possibly have the time to sort through all the worthless apps to find the good ones? Well over the past year I have been searching and testing various apps, and the following list is what I have found to be some of my favorite iPhone / iTouch apps.

THINGS – This app allows you to organize your life into List such as Inbox, Today, Next, Scheduled and projects. You can also organize your items based on tags and include due dates and notes on the Things you need to get done. I recommend this if you desperately need to organize your to-do list.

MPG – This app does exactly what you are thinking and more. Not only can you track your Miles Per Gallon, but you can track how much you paid per gallon, the station you purchased gas, and even the maintenance on multiple vehicles. Want to track MPG on a road trip? MPG has that too. To top it all of you can receive maintenance reminders and even export the data with MobileMe or send it to an email address.

REMOTE – Released by Apple itself; this app allows you to connect and control your computers iTunes Library acting as a remote control. Remote connects through your WiFi connection with a 4 digit pass code and can be easily setup to control any number of iTunes Libraries. In my opinion this is a must have application for anyone who runs iTunes through a TV or stereo system.

MMS BUDDY - With all the talk about Apple releasing MMS capability sometime this summer, what is the best solution until the much anticipated release? I recommend MMS Buddy. Although you can only receive MMS messages with this program, it operates much faster and cleaner than other MMS programs. Overall performance is also improved over its competitors and provides the option to save the photos or send them to the trash. The developer also provides a pretty decent tutorial on how to operate the program.

HUNDRED PUSHUPS – Do you need to increase your upper body strength? If so check out Hundred Pushups. This application provides a 6 week training program with the goal of completing one hundred pushups. The routine gradually gains difficulty and is a great way to work out your upper body.

What are your favorite iPhone iTouch apps? Post answers in the comments section.

** Note: We are in no way affiliated with Apple, the iTunes Store or any of the applications mentioned here, nor are we being paid to comment on any of these applications. **

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